Event Interest List

Our Audience Is Your Customer

SAE’s primary focus is and always has been the mobility engineer, mobility engineering managers, and those who are integral to what they do—in other words, your customers. Whether it is the decision makers, the industry leaders or the innovators, our customers are at the heart of our mission to provide today’s practitioners, and future generations, with the information they need to ensure their success.

Hover over the images to read what our customers are saying:

Dir. Sales | Leading Aerospace Co.

“We have a long history with SAE events. They help to connect us to the industry, and ultimately to our customers”

Exhibitor | Sr Manager

“SAE events give us an opportunity to present our latest technologies to the industry. We benefit because our customers are here, on-site."

Tech Fellow | SAE

“SAE provides the opportunities to exchange ideas and facilitate discussion on various trends & technologies in the industry. They bring together people on a regular basis to discuss new and advanced ideas”

Exhibitor | Marketing

“We did extensive research and found out that our customers look to SAE as one of the main organizations for industry news/trends/technology. Partnering with SAE is a crucial component to our marketing strategy”

Sponsor | Dir. Sales/Marketing

“SAE events are THE place to make important connections/network, and make contact with all the big players in the industry. If you’re in the mobility industry, you need to be here”

Student | Participant

“SAE events really give you the opportunity to expand your circle, as well as learn about companies you may be working with in the future. It’s a great place to see what is out there in the field, and has undoubtedly helped grow my career”